Summer at OSF - 2016

Summer at OSF - 2016

Each summer when the Allen Elizabethan Theatre opens, excitement fills the air.  The Oregon Shakespeare Festival's famous outdoor theatre always amazes, and this season looks to be no different.


Hamlet at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Hamlet, Shakespeare's epic tragedy, will unfold on the outdoor stage for the first time since 2000, when Marco Barricelli took on the difficult role.  This time, OSF favorite, Danforth Comins, will give us his take on the enigmatic Dane.

Role of a lifetime:  Some famous Hamlets include Richard Burbage (the original); Henry Irving; John Gielgud; Laurence Olivier; Richard Burton; Daniel Day-Lewis; Maxine Peake, and Benedict Cumberbatch.


The Wiz at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Get ready for The Wiz!  The groundbreaking and culturally significant musical dances across the Allen Elizabethan stage this summer.  An uplifting musical adventure, this fresh adaptation of a beloved classic will have us all singing its catchy songs well after we leave the theatre.

By the numbers: The original Broadway production of The Wiz won 7 Tony Awards in 1975.  It ran for 4 years, and had 1,672 performances.


The Winter's Tale at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Dynastic China and the American Old West are the setting for this year's adaptation of The Winter's Tale.  Shakespeare's romance, told through an Asian and Asian American perspective, promises to show us the timeless magic of the immortal bard’s plays.

About a bear:  The Winter's Tale contains what is arguably one of Shakespeare's most famous stage directions: Exit, pursued by a bear.  It's unknown whether the original production used a real bear or an actor dressed in a bear costume.  This year’s production will NOT be using a real bear.


Green Show Banners

Don't forget about the Green Show.  For years the Green Show has provided free, quality entertainment prior to the evening plays.  As the word spreads,  the crowds get larger, so come early and get yourself a good spot to see acts from the best musicians,  artists,  and performers from around our area and beyond.

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Festival Noons begin in June.  Get the most out of your visit to the Festival with informative and entertaining lectures, demonstrations and conversations given by company members and visiting scholars.  Prepare with Preface Plus,  an in depth introduction to select plays, and enjoy a better understanding of the shows before you see them.  OSF's Park Talks in the Bill Patton Garden are free and feature company members in an informal,  relaxing environment.

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This season, Living Ideas will focus on topics related to the play Roe.  From the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's website:

"Now in its second year, the Living ideas: Art and Community Dialogue series explores the local impacts of global issues and continues forging connections between individuals and communities through collaborative programming centered on topics inspired by the works on the Festival’s stages."


Tudor Guild Brass Rubbing

The Tudor Guild Brass Rubbing Center is now open!  People of all ages have been enjoying this unique activity since the Renaissance.  Located in the Bill Patton garden behind the Allen Elizabethan Theatre,  the Tudor Guild Brass Rubbing Center remains in the shade on those hot summer days.  A trained volunteer will assist you in creating your own memorable keepsake of your visit to the festival.  Brass Rubbing is a great group activity as well.  You can reserve space for your group by calling 541-482-0940 ext 1 or emailing your information to

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Join us as we enjoy another great season here "on the bricks!"


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