Tudor Guild Fundraising

Tudor Guild Fundraising

Every year, in addition to the money earned by the gift shop, the concessions in the Bowmer and Thomas Theatres, and Brass Rubbing, Tudor Guild conducts other fundraising in order to provide a scholarship in support OSF’s Summer Seminar for High School Juniors.  This year, these activities included a benefit performance of Inherit the Wind at the Camelot Theatre in Talent and continuing sales of our cookbook, Much Ado About Noshing.  Additionally, many of our members made donations to this scholarship fund, including donations in honor of our past president, Jan Alexander, who passed away in February.

The profit from the Camelot event was $1978.00.  Sales of the cookbook through July brought in another $607.60.  The individual donations so far this year have yielded $1274.50.  This makes a grand total of $3860.10.  

Information contributed by Tudor Guild Volunteer Larraine Anderson



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