Featured Brass:  The Black Prince (Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales)

Featured Brass: The Black Prince (Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales)

This month we explore one of our recently acquired brasses.  Through a generous donation, we now have a Monumental Brass Replica of Edward of Woodstock,  a prominent figure of the Hundred Years War.

The Black Prince Brass Rubbing

Edward, Prince of Wales (15 June 1330 – 8 June 1376), was the eldest son of King Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault, and father to King Richard II of England. He was called Edward of Woodstock in his early life, after his birthplace, and has more recently been popularly known as The Black Prince after the distinct plate armour he would wear during campaigns.

Edward of Woodstock

Edward, Prince of Wales as Knight of the order of the Garter, 1453, illustration from the Bruges Garter Book

An exceptional military leader and popular during his life, Edward died one year before his father and thus never ruled as king (becoming the first English Prince of Wales to suffer that fate). The Throne passed, instead, to his son Richard, a minor, upon the death of Edward III.


Battle of Poitiers, 1356, miniature from Froissart's Chronicle

Engraved from the detail on the prince’s memorial statue in Canterbury Cathedral, this ‘brass’ shows the family’s heraldic emblems clearly. The leopards of England and fleurs de lys of France were adopted by his father, King Edward III when he lay claim to the French throne.

Effigy of Edward at Canterbury Cathedral

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