Still Time by Jean Hegland

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From the publisher:

The work of William Shakespeare has shaped Professor John Wilson’s life, from his adolescent infatuation with The Merchant of Venice and his memorization of Romeo and Juliet as a college freshman to his late-career attempt to defend Humanism. But now his brilliant mind has been diminished by Alzheimer’s, and his beloved bee-keeping wife—the right wife, after three failed marriages—is unable to keep him at home any longer.

As John finds his physical world reduced to an old leather armchair in a new green room, his long-estranged daughter, Miranda, suddenly reappears. While father and daughter replay the dreadful events that drove them apart, John continues to try to understand the world using the only tools that still hover within his reach—his knowledge of and love for Shakespeare’s plays—and Miranda wonders if it is possible to forge a new relationship with a father whose memory is dissolving.

As a powerful and poetic look at what the inner life of an intelligent man suffering from Alzheimer’s might be like, Still Time brims with unexpected moments of happiness, humor, and hope.

As a chronicle of an aging Shakespearean scholar’s final encounters with Shakespeare’s plays, Still Time explores some of humanity’s most enduring questions about forgiveness, reconciliation, and our capacity for growth and change.

As the story of an imperfect father and a wounded daughter’s efforts to achieve an authentic connection despite his diminishing mental capacity and the misunderstanding that drove them apart, Still Time celebrates reunion, redemption, and the gift of second chances.

Readers who know Shakespeare well will find much to discover, delight in, and think about as this story weaves the characters, plots, and language of the plays into the fabric of John’s thoughts and experience, while readers whose knowledge of Shakespeare is limited or nonexistent will be moved and fascinated by how this story makes John, Miranda—and Shakespeare’s plays—come alive.

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