OSF Audio Production of The Tempest - CD

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The Tempest  - a full cast audio recording based on the 2014 production of Shakespeare's play by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. This full cast Blackstone Audio production is published by arrangement with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

2 hours 5 minutes

Spoiler alert:

Rough magic and brave new worlds …

For twelve years, the exiled Duke Prospero has waited for this moment: old enemies have sailed too close to his enchanted island, and a mighty storm has forced them ashore. Now it’s time to settle old scores and reclaim his former dukedom for his daughter, Miranda. Aided by supernatural powers, Prospero dispenses justice while overseeing the growing attraction between Miranda and the princely son of one of his foes. In Shakespeare’s romance, sorcery and love transmute vengeance into humility and humanity, making it possible for all to return to a world made new by the power of forgiveness.

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